Agape Media’s mission is to capture the hearts of every moment, so you can cherish those memories for a lifetime.

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What is Agape Media Productions?

Agape Media’s name was carefully thought out. Seeing that the word Photography originated from the greek language, we wanted something that stuck to it’s roots and display that we are a Christian based company. Photography in the greek has two meanings; Light and to draw. Agape in the greek means; Breathless or to take someones breath away. Essentially Our name means; Drawing Light to form a breathless piece of art.

Agape Media’s Mission is to create videos that will inspire and empower lives across the globe with the good news. We are not just a multi-media company, we are also a ministry. We love to empower lives and plant seeds. Agape Media offers videography, photography and ministry services for weddings, parties, church functions and corporate functions. We also offer video and photo training classes to veterans and churches to teach others how to start in the form of media. We believe that God created us all to live life to the fullest and to also display who God is by sharing it through our talents he gave us and to give it out to others. Luke heard a pastor say recently that “love is not just a word to say, it is also an action to be displayed.” This is so true and it goes along with our mission to display Gods love through the form of media.


About The Owner

Luke is a veteran that served in the Oklahoma Army National Guard and started his career in multi-media at a young age. Luke studied Film and Dark Room and has ever since continued to thrive and build his skills that God has given to him to share. His passion in life is Video and Photography. Luke states: “Every time I put that viewfinder to my eye, it is like I see the beauty that God sees. In that split second of capturing the image, I see a beauty that no one has ever seen before. God is the master artist and to think that he crafted everything, The animals, the beautiful landscapes, and people from the palms of his hands is something that goes beyond words. Ephesians 2:10 says that we are all God’s Poema, or poems. Everything on this earth is an unfinished tapestry that gets painted on everyday. I just love being able to see God’s handiwork unfold before my very eyes.”

Luke’s goals for 2019 is to travel this nation filming at least one wedding in every state. Luke is determined to do so and to also speak the good news that you are loved and that you are forever his unfinished work of art.

Wedding & Event Videography


Agape Media provides video and VFX (Visual Graphics) for Weddings and other Private Events, Commercials, Promotional’s, Church’s and Music Videos. Our mission is to tell the untold stories. All of our video packages are unlimited time. Check out some of our work below and contact us to find out more.



Wedding and Event Photography


Agape Media is a published photography company and our style is journalistic/editorial. You can see some of our work in Ink Junkies Magazine, Erudite Chic Magazine, along with a few others. We cater to weddings, parties and social functions, high fashion modeling, seniors, and families. Contact us for more details. 


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Thank you for your love and your support on Agape Media’s mission to spread the Good News around the globe. With your purchase today, you will help reach more lives with the good news. God Bless!

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